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About us


The Mindfulness Centers started very organically in 2019 while the founder was working at a primary school teaching English. It was the school's first year, so it was a lot of work to get everything established but it was perhaps a bit too stressful for some staff members who ending up leaving. At that point he had been practicing mindfulness for 7 years and was using a special communication technique on a monthly basis for 5 years in his marriage and while managing an intentional community of young mindfulness practitioners. The exercise always seemed to keep resentment, anger and hostility from festering. Besides keeping the air clear, it also seemed to help grow bonds of friendship, connection and overall happiness for everyone involved. He figured, if it had worked so well before, maybe his particular set of skills can be useful at his current workplace. 

With the tension and employee turnover, it certainly couldn't hurt to try. So during a day for staff development, he offered to facilitate this same communication tool as a team building exercise to help foster healthy communication, ease some stress and create a lighter work environment. It was received very well and some raved about how healing it was. One employee said, "I just wonder if we had been doing this sooner, maybe we could have cleared up more misunderstandings and not have lost so many people." The staff asked if they could do it again and suggested that he might consider doing it professionally. Why not? It's effective, he's passionate about it and so many companies are struggling with the same issues. TMC was born!


We know the way


We are here to help you to create the best workplace environment that is possible so that everyone is happier, more productive and less likely to look for work elsewhere. Let's face it, work can be stressful, tiring and even more difficult when tension arises. On top of that, we spend so much of our lives at work that it's almost like a second home, with our coworkers filling the role of a second family. So why not make it a healthy and inspired family instead of a dysfunctional one? We provide a wide range of services to improve communication, foster a friendly environment and help everyone to cope with whatever may arise on a given day.


We use a unique combination of mindfulness practices, Non-Violent Communication, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Intelligence training. Our staff is fully trained with over 6 years of experience facilitating team building exercises, 4 years of leading retreats, 2 years of certified anger management (CAMF-1) training and an Adult Education teaching credential from the state of California. 


Let's grow together


TMC simply wants to make sure that everyone who works together not only gets along, but that they are happy at work! With Czech Republic having such a low unemployment rate, employee retention can be really difficult, especially if employees are unhappy. Our philosophy is that happiness can ONLY ever be found in the present moment; in the here and now (not in the future when we might attain some goal). So we help them create happiness by continuously directing employees' focus back to the present moment, giving them support in handling any conflicts that arise, giving them the chance to recognize their friends' strengths, allowing a safe space to express regrets and even have a chance to experience recognition for their own strengths. 


The second issue that companies struggle with is productivity. An unhappy worker doesn't have much motivation to work hard for the company. Many employees just do the bare minimum. However, what if they loved their job, loved who they work for and who they work with? What if they were excited to go to work, knowing that their home away from home was a safe and supportive environment? Let's create that dream together shall we? If interested, send us a message so we can send you our price list and arrange a time for a consultation.